I can't thank you enough for your expert help in placing our Mom. When her current facility called and told us that mom had to move because she needed more care, we were stunned at the news. How wonderful it was to be able to call on you and your expert team to help us find excellent nearby options for mom. And so quickly.

Your enlisting the help of your colleague Pat Godfrey was a godsend. Her at-the-ready network helped us secure a rare open room quickly, and has opened up all kinds of other good things as a byproduct. Not only is she experienced and knowledgeable about the world of senior living, but her care, compassion and follow up are top notch.

What a team - we're lucky to have friends like you.

If you ever need a reference for you, Pat, or your services, please don't hesitate to have them call us. We'll be happy to sing your praises!

Thank you, thank you. Breathing a bit easier thanks to you."

Mike L.



"We are so appreciative of Maria's guidance through this phase. Mom had lived in Tampa for 56 years when she/we decided that she should be closer to family. Friends recommended Maria de la Guardia of Assisted Living Locators to guide us through the process.  Maria gave us the tools we needed to navigate this phase. Her patience, compassion and knowledge made her the perfect person to assist us. She allowed us to move at the right speed for Mom, encouraging us along the way and celebrating with us once the decision was made. In retrospect, I am so thankful that Maria walked alongside our family as we found the right home for our mother."  

Kim F.



"Susan, you have been a God send in this process to both me, my wife and my brother. I don't know where we would be without you.  Again, thanks for all you do."  

Ron M.




It was so nice to meet you and we are so grateful for the help you provided.  Your recommendation on a facility was spot on and Dad seems to be very happy.  I want to thank you were invaluable to the process!!"        

Angie S



"Hi Barbara,   

I hope you are doing well.  Things are great here.  You did a fabulous job finding a place for Mom, and I can’t thank you enough!  I never would have been able to find that place without you.  

Mom is very happy at Yellow Rose.  She thinks Rosa is Mary (the maid who raised her), and she absolutely loves her.  She’s in a happy time when she was being nurtured by Mary.  Plus she’s very compliant since she always had to do what Mary said!   I have no complaints at all!  I drop in every few days without notice, and the place is always spotlessly clean.  Mom seems to be eating well, and she’s happy. Don’t think I can ask for more!      
Thanks again!

Mom finally moved into the Carlton last Friday and is doing well. The staff and residents could not have been nicer. Everyone is very friendly, and Mom is very pleased. Thanks for helping us find a new home for her. I will certainly recommend you to my friends."





A quick update on yesterday's move. It was hard/hectic but not nearly as bad as I'd feared. 

Saw Mom & Pop and new Homestead Hospice RN this morning. M & P slept well, had a great breakfast and were very upbeat. RN seemed very good to excellent. I feel so much better. Thanks for all your help." 

Scott T.



"Dear Pat:

I think Colleen was going to call you after I left Atlanta to return to CT, but I want to personally thank you for assisting us in placing our mom in a safe and caring place as she began the inevitable process of winding down.  I don't think she weighed 70 pounds by the time she died on July 16th.  Colleen, Rebecca and I were with her and told her to go and get her man that she missed so much.  We hope they are dancing once again in Heaven.

The staff at Freedom Pointe was really wonderful.  It is a perfect facility for the feeling of family and support, and we thank you for your good advice and help.  I had hoped to meet you, but it looks like that may not be in the cards. 

Stay well and continue your great work, Pat.  So many families will be grateful to you.  I am sure the reward you feel in your work comes from the many people that you help during such a tough transition that we all must face in time."

Sincerely, Michele



"Pat, I went to the community this evening and put down the deposit. I feel good about the decision. I really like the apartment. I want to thank you for your time, guidance, insights and good company in our search. I might not have come to the same decision without you. I will keep you posted on our progress. I'm ready for this particular journey to be over!  Thanks again. I will definitely give your name to my friends."

Diane J.
"Hi Maria,
All in all it's gone pretty well. There have been a couple small bumps here and there and unfortunately they tend to over-react, especially my Mom. But it's really gone very well and I have been meaning to thank you.
The community was a great find and the movers handled the move in fabulously. They put me in touch with a similar person (Senior Move Manager & Professional organizer) in Knoxville without whom this whole process would have been a disaster.
I'm also scheduled to meet with the Elder Care attorneys re: VA A&A in a couple of weeks.
Everyone you recommended and the services they've provided have been top notch.They have all been great and the move has gone far better than I ever imagined.
Thank you so much,"
I can’t tell you how much your help meant to me during this past year.  I was driving in the dark most of the time but you were there to shed the light when I needed it most. 
Hope you are doing well, and best of luck in ‘14.


"Thank you to Maria de la Guardia and David DeLucia for taking me under your wing and narrowing down the place where my dad would soon live.

What a huge decision this has been for me.  When a parent is sick and unable to help be a part of making such a big decision on where they will be living and leaving their home they have been living in for many years - it is something I never imagined doing.

Making that decision for someone else without their input is an enormous amount of pressure. You selected the facilities that were the most reputable and narrowed down my search - I was escorted to each facility and became familiar with the atmosphere of each place.  It is just like buying a home - you need one that most meets the personality and future needs of the parent who will be moving in.    

It only took me 5 days to come to a decision with absolute certainty. I am so relieved and so sure of my decision.  I felt I had a friend in you by me each step of the way as I learned what I liked and did not like about the facilities.  I wish everyone could have such an experience.  I can’t imagine being out there in the sea of facilities trying to narrow down what is good and right.  

It was very comforting to have David by me and checking on me and willing to take me to as many places as necessary until I found what I was looking for. I feel sorry for any one trying to find their way through this trying to figure it out for themselves.  You need someone who understands and has a relationship with you and the facilities you are trying to make a decision about.

I so appreciate my Assisted Locators, Maria and David - we worked as a team to make my final decision one I had absolute confidence in.  I hope to share what I have learned with others experiencing the same situation and needing to find their way through it all.  I highly recommend a good Elder Care Attorney and  the services of Maria de la Guardia Eldercare Advisor/Owner and David DeLucia Eldercare Advisor/Owner Assisted Living Locators. 

Thanks again for your kindness and guidance and support through my journey." 





Thank you so very much for all your support and hard work in helping us find a place for our Mom on such short notice. We will be moving Mom’s things tomorrow so that it will be ready on Thursday for her release...

Thanks again and I would highly recommend your service to anyone going through a similar situation. Your kindness and friendliness on the phone was wonderful."




 "Dear Maria,

Nicole and the staff I met when I went and visited are so very nice and helpful.  It has everything that I believe will take care of Pat's needs and she will be happy there.  I prayed and prayed about this and (the community you showed us) kept coming back to me so I believe it is the right choice.  I thank you so very much for helping me and being so kind.  May God Bless you abundantly for the services you provide to people who need help and just for being the kind of person you are."

Love In Christ,




"To whom it may concern:

I have now been a resident of [the community] for almost 2 months and feel comfortable writing about it.

The person who helped us (my daughter and I) find [this community] was Susan.  She gave us a full tour of the facility along with the staff and answered any questions we had in an informed and timely manner.  Susan help us choose a place that I enjoy being a part of.  The managers, kitchen staff, housekeeping, etc. have been very hospitable and made me feel comfortable.

I believe Susan aided my family and myself in making the right choice for me to become part of this great facility."





Thanks so much for all your help- it was invaluable. Thank you for your patience, thorough information and professional and warm presence. I know you really helped my mother feel more comfortable as she faces a new chapter in her life...

Thank You!"





I just want to thank you for your help and insight into our search for locating a proper place for my Mom and Dad.  You are a wealth of information and you really narrowed our search down to appropriate facilities. 

Without your help, I know Dad would have not made the decision to move forward into an assisted living community.

If I can return the favor by providing a reference for you, I would be most happy and honored to do so. I may be calling you if I have further questions as we get my parents settled.

Thank you again."




 "We have been so pleased with the home you recommended and everyone there.  Dad has settled in and really likes the place.  Each and everyone there have gone out of their way to make things as easy as possible. 

We moved him the weekend of May 14th.  The hardest part of the transition was his understanding of why he couldn’t go home – but transitioned out of that state of mind fairly quickly.  Mainly due to the fact that the community has been so good to him.  He realizes he has independence but also the care he needs.  The activities director gets them out often and he really enjoys that as well.

Sid and I thank you so much for helping us through all this – the initial move was difficult and emotional but overall we really believe he is in a better place for him and for us.  We see him often and that has really been a blessing."

Lisa T.



"Hi Maria,

Just a note to follow up on your December 2010 referral.

I wanted to let you know that I continue to be very pleased with the personal care home run by Nancy and Prince.  My Aunt is well taken care of and is probably being very spoiled.  I believe that they go above and beyond to make her happy.  

Thank you again for your assistance in finding this placement."




"Susan and Maria,

I highly recommend Susan and Maria and their business helping people like myself find a suitable assisted living home for their parents.

Since I am new to Georgia and did not know who to speak with or where to look first and like many I have not been in a situation where I have had to find a place for my aging father.

Susan and Maria's services could not have come at a better time.  Their prompt and reliable service was wonderful and after looking at four places in the Duluth area I found a place Susan highly recommended the first day.

If anyone else would like a recommendation I highly recommend their service."

Thanks again, Carol S.



"We can't thank you enough for your kindness and service.
You and Susan have been wonderful and offered help when it was desperately needed. The movers you connected us to, were also fabulous!!!!!!
You are all angels!"
Merry Christmas, Pam
"Hi Susan:  I just wanted to say "Thank you" so much for all of your help.
I loved the home that you picked out for my Dad. It was so easy to work with you and your organization. Hooray!  For Assisted Living Locator's.
I will recommend your services to everyone I know that needs a place for their loved one."

Take Care, Laurie :)



 "All too often the only letters a business receives regarding their service is in the form of a complaint.  Today I decided to do something a little different and provide some positive feedback.

Maria de la Guardia was a gift given to me by the hospital social worker as the discharge date approached for my oxygen assisted, very forgetful (did I take my pills already?) father-in-law.  

With only my guesswork regarding his income and what he might manage to afford for assisted living arrangements, she told me she'd call back soon with some options.  When her call came thru, I was in the admissions office of the Nursing Home that had unexpectedly agreed to be his new home, for what I believed to be at least 100 days.  Declining the offer to see 3 Personal Care Homes she'd found within 5 miles of my home, I kept her number for any possible future needs.  On the 40th day of my father-in-laws existence at the nursing home from hell, I was told his Medicare insurance would end in 2 days and thus began his out-of-pocket charge of $154.00  per day.  I was able to tour a facility 5 miles from my home less than 24 hours after I reconnected with Maria the following day.  

There's much more to the story of this sad, poorly treated fellow that my frantic search centers around, but no doubt, only good has come from Maria's guiding help.  Not only has she helped my family place our loved one in a caring, nurturing place, but she helped me keep my sanity at a time that found it somewhat questionable.  

Anyone with eldercare housing needs would be well advised to allow her to help out.  Priceless!"


Vickie, Lawrenceville, GA



 "I was referred to Assisting Living Locators  after calling many numbers and constantly being referred from one person to the next.  My mother was a resident in an assisted living facility in GA. I live in NJ and our family was faced with a 30 day notice to find another home for mom because she no longer met the requirements of residing in an AL environment.

Desperate, angry and nervous I was passed from one organization to the next till I happened to connect with Maria. She listened and started offering solutions and options. After many different ideas and suggestions I was able to find light as well as direction at the end of thetunnel.

I couldn't have done it without her!"

Colleen,  NJ



"Assisted Living Locators has been a terrific organization to work with.  I don't know what I would have done without them to assist me in sorting through the many decisions to help my son.  Maria has been an invaluable resource, a great sounding board, a very knowledgeable and upfront source generator.  Having gathered the criteria I am seeking, she skillfully does her homework in checking out situations.
I very highly recommend this organization and the caring people who work for Assisted Living Locators.  

I would not hesitate to refer them to friends, relatives and/or anyone I came across who could use their services."


Eileen,  Cobb County, GA