About Kim Brown

I am Kim Brown and I am an Eldercare Advisor for Assisted Living Locators in the Rome-Cartersville area. 

My passion for working with elders began when I worked at a nursing home after being in all aspects of healthcare all my life. I was told “Don’t work at a place like that”. I had my doubts, but took my chances and the experience ended up being the best and worst seven years of my life.  Experiencing every emotion known to mankind during that time made me a better person, better wife and mother. 

One of my observations during my tenure at the nursing home is no one is truly prepared for the later stages of life. My family experienced this firsthand with my grandmother. She had financially planned for the future thinking nothing of the way her body may fail her. Because of my experience as a skilled nursing social worker, I was able to guide my family to find the best care for her.  

I can empathize with families in this situation and I can help.  I am very knowledgeable on the ins and outs of assisted living, home care and skilled nursing care.  There is so much to worry about when making decisions about the next phase of a loved one’s life.  Having someone else advise and guide you at this time is so helpful.  I would like to be that person for you.


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