Hospice Care

The mission of hospice is to provide comfort, dignity and pain relief to those nearing the end of their lives or with life-limiting illnesses. With diverse teams of experienced professionals, hospice care improves the quality of life for the elderly patient and their families throughout this transition.

Most Hospice patients receive in-home care from teams of physicians, chaplains, nurses, social workers and volunteers that work together to support the primary care giver. Conveniently, hospice care is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. Although, hospice does not prohibit care not related to the primary illness it does not provide rehabilitative care for the primary illness.

Hospice also provides these services:

· House calls from Hospice Professionals

· In-home Nurse visits as needed

· Medications and Medical Equipment

· Assistance with Personal Care, Grooming and Hygiene

· Legal, Financial and Emotional help from Social Workers

· Spiritual Support from Hospice Chaplains

· Volunteers provide needed Relief for family/caregivers for breaks and errands

· One-on-one Grief Counseling , Bereavement and Group Support after death if desired


For additional information and support with hospice care Request Information from Assisted Living Locators™ Atlanta. We can provide you with a good source of hospice provider referrals.