Assisted Living Options

As seniors are living longer and enjoying more fulfilling retirements, we realize that assisted living care options have increased as well. No matter what your needs, we can make choosing alternative care faster and easier.

There are many assisted living options. Assisted living care comes in many forms but it’s the ideal choice for senior citizens who like their independence but need limited assistance and support. Most assisted living facilities have a higher number of caregivers and range in size from three residents up to 200 in larger facilities. With assisted living, seniors can enjoy choosing independent activities and the security of needed assistance.

Independent Retirement Apartments or Senior Apartments provide an additional layer of independence and security for retirees and seniors. For more active seniors apartments offer a non-restrictive environment that allows participation in their normal activities but lends basic support such as house-keeping, transportation and a dedicated emergency call system. Many offer in-home companion care within their apartments allowing seniors more options for personal comfort.

Assisted Living Communities can be a great option for elderly loved ones who may require constant assistance. Residents are typically provided 2-3 meals each day, weekly house-keeping services and transportation options along with the security of 24-hour staffing and a dedicated emergency response system.

Assisted Living, Personal Care, Board and Care Homes provide a comfortable environment with a home-like atmosphere. In addition to 24-hour assistance, residents enjoy family-style dinning and help with personal care such as bathing and medication management.

Memory Care or Alzheimer Communities provide a high level of assisted care with 24-hour trained specialists on hand. In this safe and secured environment, residents are provided three meals each day with snacks and assistance with bathing, dressing and grooming plus medication management.

No matter what option you choose, transitioning to a new home environment can be daunting and challenging; both or you and your loved one. So here are some helpful tips to make the transition process easier:

•    Decorate your elderly loved ones room to suit their personal tastes
•    Provide familiar items such as: family photos, their favorite blankets or pillows
•    Provide favorite chair or even their favorite music, books and games, etc …

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